Complete environmental waste management
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Bulk transfer

Transfer drill cuttings in bulk to a central processing facility

In addition to skip and ship, we offer bulk transportation of drilling wastes to shore, directly pumping drill cuttings from cuttings storage tanks (CSTs) onboard the rig to CSTs located on a supply vessel. Removing the need to lift large numbers of skips, bulk transfer presents an ideal solution if lifting procedures are a concern, for example in harsh or unpredictable weather conditions. Daily reporting systems are in place to record the volume and types of waste handled.

 Key features:

  • Minimises high-risk lifting procedures
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Industry-leading waste handling
  • Thorough tracking of processes provides complete assurance

Specific project requirements and rig layouts will determine the exact system configuration, and our engineers work closely with clients to design and install the optimum solution to ensure best possible performance throughout the drilling campaign. 

The process

Drill cuttings are pumped directly from the shale shakers using TWMA’s CT pumps or screw conveyors to a CST unit onboard the rig and then to a number of CST units on a supply vessel.  The drill cuttings are then transported to the quayside before being pumped ashore for transportation to a TWMA treatment and processing facility.

Each CST unit has a total capacity of 70 metric tonnes, which can be discharged to storage or transfer systems onshore quickly and efficiently thanks to a self-contained pump within.

By removing the need for numerous drill cuttings bins and the associated crane lifts, our bulk shipment method has safety, cost and logistical benefits for clients.

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