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Recruitment Fraud

TWMA have been made aware of recent incidents in which individuals and organisations have misrepresented themselves as recruiting on behalf of TWMA. TWMA takes great pride in its ethical and fair hiring practices and takes this misuse of its name extremely seriously.

These fraudulent communications usually falsely advertise jobs which do not exist, or they notify individuals that their qualifications are suitable to work for TWMA as a local or expatriate employee. The communications often solicit personal or financial information. The primary goals of this type of fraudulent misrepresentation appear to be (1) extortion of money from job candidates by requiring advance payments for things such as visas and work permits and (2) obtaining personal information from job applicants to enable identity theft. 

TWMA (nor any of the bona-fide organisations that may recruit on its behalf) never ask for any money or payments from applicants, at any point in the recruitment process. Furthermore all individuals who are successful in gaining an offer of employment from TWMA, whether directly or indirectly, are always required to go through a formal recruitment process before an offer is made. Genuine correspondence from TWMA always originates from a domain and is never sent from Google, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other internet hosted accounts.

To help avoid recruitment fraud, please keep the following in mind:

1. TWMA emails always end in "” Any email styled with “TWMA" using a different format is not genuine. 
2. TWMA website pages always begin with Any other format is not genuine.
3. Prior to employment offers, prospective employees are ALWAYS invited to a face-to-face interview with TWMA personnel.
4. No money transfers or payments of any kind will EVER be requested by TWMA as part of the recruitment process; or for immigration documents, insurance, or any other purpose.
5. Do not use any telephone number that you have been given that you suspect of being fraudulent. Look up the genuine telephone number on the TWMA website and use that instead. 

TWMA recommends that you do not respond to unsolicited business propositions and/or offers from people or companies with whom you are unfamiliar. Do not disclose your personal or financial details to anyone you do not know. 

If you do receive such unsolicited proposals offering employment opportunities with TWMA, we would advise you to end all communication and, if you feel it is appropriate, to report the incident to your local police. You can also let us know by emailing (note: if the suspicious email appears to have come from  then manually type the address rather than use the ‘Reply’ button). Please DO NOT FORWARD the email to us but send it to us as an attachment instead.

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