Complete environmental waste management
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Research and Development

Acclaimed research and development programmes

TWMA’s research and development team has an extensive track record for continuous research and development.  We have also successfully completed a variety of  projects working with operators and multi-discipline teams:

Technology development
TWMA recognises that oil and gas companies are constantly seeking to improve their waste management performance by reducing volumes of end-waste produced, increasing levels of recycling and reuse and generally optimising their operation in this area.  They are reliant on specialists such as TWMA to facilitate these improvements, and we are always seeking to introduce new services and technologies which will allow clients to achieve these efficiency gains.

TWMA is at the forefront of research and development within the oil and gas waste management industry.  Testament to this is the introduction of similar technologies that are yet to meet our award winning performance standards.

TWMA has taken several major steps to advance and lead the way in which oil and gas waste is treated, and has developed and commercialised several key industry service offerings including the TCC RotoMill® (onshore and offshore), TCC RotoTruck®, EfficientC®, and TCC RotoMill Heli-Lift.

We continually develop our existing services - increasing efficiencies by improving throughput, size, configurations and functionality across our range of technologies.  In addition we are always looking at new ways of applying our existing technology. The recent introduction of our helicopter transportable TCC RotoMill Heli-Lift unit came as a development reacting to industry requirements.

TWMA has combined an extensive track record of research and development, in-house engineering and global experience at our onshore work sites to test and prove our technology and service packages prior to client operations.

Reuse of recovered materials
For several years TWMA has lead the development of the reuse of recovered materials from the oil and gas industry, setting the standards and techniques used in and around our business sectors.  Our goal is to utilise and develop commercially robust solutions that can provide long term sustainable uses for recovered materials.

Recovered oil
TWMA’s research in conjunction with major operators, regulatory bodies and Universities, has been pivotal in developing a solution for reusing base oils used in the drilling industry. TWMA, initially with the TCC RotoMill®, demonstrated both onshore and offshore that the processed oil was suitable for reuse in the active drilling system - changing perceptions within the industry that thermal desorption systems have negative effects on the quality of recovered oil.

Drill cuttings recovered powder usage
TWMA is also sourcing and researching ways of productively and sustainably reusing the drill cuttings recovered powder produced by our thermal desorption units, as we seek to support our clients and achieve our own goals of reducing, and ultimately eliminating, the waste that is sent to landfill.

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