Complete environmental waste management
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In the oil and gas industry, significant quantities of wastes are produced that need to be handled and treated appropriately with the best environmental practices and optimum processing technology.

Dealing with these wastes, whether the result of exploration, production or decommissioning activities, is an important consideration for operators - even more so today as environmental legislation and operator standards continue to evolve worldwide. 

TWMA has responded to these challenges by developing a complete range of premier oil and gas waste management solutions. These can be utilised independently or, as is increasingly the case, as part of an integrated project solution. 

Engineering solutions to eliminate waste

Our industry-leading solutions minimise the environmental impact of drilling operations throughout the full project life cycle. Engaging with operators at the project planning stage means we can advise on solutions both operationally and aligned with environmental regulation.

Working closely with clients, our in-house engineering teams will develop optimum solutions, ensuring that the onsite waste management meets a project’s operational, financial and legislative requirements. From initial concept development through to project execution, we specialise in the design, manufacture, integration and maintenance of the equipment packages needed to handle and treat the various waste streams generated from oil and gas operations.

Combining over a decade of experience and know-how, our engineering capabilities form a core part of our integrated offering:

  • Detailed engineering surveys
  • Comprehensive project plans and costs
  • Procurement, fabrication and installation of equipment
  • Commissioning and maintenance

Our dedicated teams of experienced personnel operate our range of proprietary technology in line with approved standards and processes.

Complete solutions give complete results

TWMA offers something that its competitors simply cannot - with over a decade of experience in drilling wastes management, processing and elimination onshore and offshore, our knowledge of the field and fully integrated offering are unrivalled. We were the first providers of offshore thermal processing to the industry in 2001 and continue to be recognised as the industry leader today, drawing on first-hand insight and understanding to push the limits of engineering and process-driven knowledge.

Our technology and solutions are designed and manufactured in-house, so quality is guaranteed.

We adhere to the philosophy that all accidents are preventable, and continually pursue ways to reduce risk. This commitment to safety safeguards all involved with our operations.

Our complete reporting regime and exacting environmental standards have earned the trust of the oil and gas industry, with TWMA providing consultancy solutions in respect to global and regional environmental issues and regulation.

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