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Training and development

The skills, knowledge and experience of our employees contribute significantly to the growth and ongoing success of TWMA.

We are committed to the continuous training and development of all employees to ensure that we harness the full potential of our team and fulfil people’s need for personal development and job satisfaction.

We also recognise that training and development plays an important role in ensuring that our employees have the ability to perform to the standard expected in employment across a range of circumstances.

Our commitment to training and development:

  • Training and supporting employees to provide the necessary skills and knowledge allowing them to successfully fulfil their job roles
  • Operating a competence management system which is based on a set of occupational standards each defining the competences which apply to particular job roles within the organisation
  • Utilising the competence assurance process to support employee development
  • Maintaining individual training & competence records
  • Regular competence assessments for all employees which are planned, organised, consistent and objective
  • Conduct frequent internal auditing of all areas within the organisations Competence Management System to ensure continuos improvement of the process is maintained
  • Maintaining excellence in service through provision of competent personnel on projects


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