Complete environmental waste management

Vessel Tank Cleaning, Safaga, Egypt

"TWMA were contracted by Hess Egypt to carry out a full Vessel Tank Cleaning Operation on three of their supply vessels, prior to off hiring. TWMA successfully planned, mobilised and executed the entire operation in Safaga port, Egypt. The operation was conducted safely and efficiently with no recorded incident or issue, allowing Hess to off hire the vessels ahead of schedule, which brought significant cost savings."

Neil Thomson
Group General Manager

Project Scope

At a late stage in the drilling process (after reaching target depth of the well but before releasing rig and supply boats) TWMA was requested to carry out the offshore rig pit cleaning, as well as vessels tank cleaning for three boats and mud plant storage tanks at Safaga shore base and jetty on behalf of Hess. The release dates versus the work scope made this a challenging target, and considered critical to minimize costs at this stage of the well and overall project.

TWMA Solution

Effective planning was the key. The TWMA team planned the simultaneous cleaning operations effectively and categorised this stage as a full project with dedicated teams and resources. TWMA assigned 32 team members to the project including six supervisors, two full tank cleaning packages with back-ups to carry out the vessels tank cleaning at Safaga jetty. With this level of resources, TWMA supported the project by assigning Alexandria Base Operations Manager, Paul Austin, at the work site to provide overall management, support and client liaison.

Project Results

TWMA safely and successfully cleaned (to full off hire standard) a total of 40 oil based mud (OBM) tanks and 16 bulk tanks with over 170 MT of bulk powders were removed for disposal. Over 1500 MT of liquid waste, tank washings, slops and OBM were transferred, contained and disposed of by TWMA through our process systems with no environmental issues.


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