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Offshore slops treatment

Efficient treatment for oily slops and sludges offshore

Offshore slops treatment

A significant volume of oil slop waste, containing a potentially hazardous mixture of oil, rainwater, chemicals and solids, is generated by the oil and gas industry.

We offer specialist services for the treatment of oily slops and sludges offshore. Combining settling, flocculation and centrifugation, slops treatment separates oil, water and solids from the mixture. Recovered solids are either sent for additional processing through an on-board TWMA TCC RotoMill® or transferred onshore for further treatment whilst water is safe to be discharged and oil is suitable for reuse. Absence of high temperature treatment means recovered base oil retains its original quality and is suitable for immediate reuse in the drilling mud system, delivering significant cost savings for operators.

We offer a containerised treatment system for the handling and treatment of slops offshore. The system includes the following modules:

Onshore slops treatment

We also offer skip and ship or bulk transfer of offshore slops to one of our onshore treatment plants located in key global oil and gas centres.