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Onshore Services

Due to a combination of new legislative imperatives, enhanced ethical awareness and a growing trend towards best practice, the global oil and gas industry is increasingly pursuing more sustainable and efficient methods of handling and treating drilling wastes from onshore and offshore operations.

We have redefined what is possible, providing tailored solutions to fit project-specific requirements, successfully overcoming perceived limitations.

TWMA’s specialist solutions provide a range of innovative methods for the efficient collection, transfer, treatment and reduction of drill cuttings, slops, sludges and associated materials onshore, allowing operators to honour both ambitious operational targets and environmental responsibilities.

Working with operators across the globe, our in-house engineering team ensures all equipment and processes comply with the highest HSEQ standards, providing tailored solutions for any location and maintaining optimum production, improving safety and minimising environmental impact.

Engineering solutions to eliminate waste

Working closely with clients, our in-house engineering teams will develop optimum solutions, ensuring that the onsite waste management meets a project’s operational, financial and legislative requirements. From initial concept development through to project execution, we specialise in the design, manufacture, integration and maintenance of the equipment packages needed to handle and treat the various waste streams generated from oil and gas operations.

Our onshore services include: