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Solids control

TWMA’s range of solids control equipment offers a single source solution for onshore drilling operations, using state-of-the-art equipment designed, manufactured, operated and maintained by our in-house engineering team.

Trained operators provide solids control services with the following supporting equipment provided on a sale or rental basis:

Our in-house engineering team is experienced in the design, manufacture, integration and maintenance of all TWMA solids control equipment.  We have dedicated, trained personnel providing this service, offering clients the advantage of dealing with a single source supplier, from initial concept through to decommissioning.


Our Vertical Cuttings Dryers dramatically reduce drill cuttings waste discharge and maximise recovery of non-aqueous drilling fluids. They are screen type cuttings dryers, capable of receiving cuttings from a CT unit, auger or TWMA Vacuum System and treating between 25 and 60 tonnes of drill cuttings per hour depending on the model.


TWMA offers a range of centrifuge services for the treatment of active mud systems, dryer effluent treatment and the treatment of slops and sludges.  We evaluate project-specific requirements to ensure centrifuge selection meets and exceeds the job requirements.

We have extensive experience in the operation of centrifuges in the following demanding applications:


TWMA supplies filtration equipment and services to the oil and gas industry both on and offshore.

Our filtration packages can be used to clean-up:

TWMA offers various filter types subject to project specification and output parameters which can be part of an integrated service offering or stand alone as required.