Decanter Centrifuge Systems

Market leading technology to maximise rig site solids control efficiencies.

TWMA's high-speed, big-bowl centrifuges are an integral part of our solids control solutions to enhance your ROP, lower make-up volumes and augment the return on investment for any drilling operation. Expanded use of rotary steerable technology places additional demands on solids control operations to lower ultrafine and low gravity particles and our high-speed machines capable of generating forces exceeding 3000 G’s supporting greater than 300 GPM flow rates necessary to support rotary steerable drilling operations. Regardless if the requirement is for ultra-fines removal, barite recovery, de-watering or specialty fluid conditioning, TWMA has a decanter to enhance the performance of your drilling fluids. All of our equipment is maintained in-house by our technicians to ensure optimal equipment performance.