Vertical Cuttings Dryers

Recognised for reducing the drill solids waste discharge and the recovery of non-aqueous based drilling fluids.

The Vertical Cuttings Dryer is a screen type cuttings dryer, adaptable to various feed styles (i.e. Pump, Screw Conveyor, or Vacuum.) 

The standard model Cuttings Dryer was developed with the help and recommendations of our customers. Through their applications of our technology, the following design modifications were implemented:

  • Reduction of external body size yet retaining use of the same internal wear components with the exception of the launder.
  • Redesign of the launder to facilitate better air flow.
  • Increase access door dimensions for easier access and cleaning.
  • Relocation of lubrication system for better protection of external components.
  • Redesign of the effluent discharge for better flow from the machine.
  • Enhanced water-shield design to include upper access doors for visual inspection capability of the screen, basket, and effluent area.

Operating Detail

The VCD (Vertical Cuttings Dryer) receives drill cuttings from a Cuttings Transfer Unit (pump), Screw Conveyor or Vacuum System and is capable of treating drill cuttings at between 25 and 50 tonnes per hour.

TWMA will supply, install, manage and operate the Cuttings Dryer to ensure it is operated to its optimum performance to meet and exceed client’s expectations.

  • High capacity, continuous-feed dryers have the throughput to keep pace with drilling operations.
  • Built-in Walkway on stand allows safe access around the cuttings dryer, meeting USCG, MMS, and OSHA requirements.
  • Automatic cuttings dryer shut-off senses low oil pressure, preventing internal and bearing damage.
  • Individually balanced components are designed to be interchanged without affecting the high-speed, vibration-free operation.