Shaker Screens

High quality solids removal technology, designed and made in accordance to API RC 13C.

Our OEM screen panels are manufactured to be compliant with the API RP 13C (ISO 13501) guidelines. Compliance means that our shaker screens meet and exceed the American Petroleum Institutes (API) new recommended practice for shaker screen testing and labelling.


High Yield Strength: The USA-manufactured shaker screens utilise high yield strength steel in all screen panels. High yield strength allows the shaker screen to retain its original shape at very high G-forces. This ultimately gives the shaker screens a superior life compared to standard steel frames.

Screen Design: The shaker screens are designed using a 1, 2, or 3-layer mesh configuration composed of two durable rectangular opening layers on top, with a layer of heavy backing support cloth underneath. The proprietary software used to design the shaker screens allows the manufacturer to compute hundreds of mesh combinations for different applications, such as flowline shakers or cuttings dryers to maximise volume handling (conductance), screen life and eliminate near-size blinding. In addition to the software testing and design, the shaker screens are subjected to rigorous testing in the field.

Folded Screens: The folded frame design eliminates premature plate frame separation, significantly increasing overall screen life and also reduces the overall screen weight making screen changes easier, safer, and faster.