Pipe/BHA Inspection & Repair

At source specialists to supply, support, inspect and maintain a range of downhole equipment.

NDT Inspection Services

We use the latest nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment, qualified personnel and offer a full range of inspection services that include a variety of third-party standards.

  • Drill Pipe Inspection (emi, vt, ut, mpi)
  • Bottom Hole Assembly Inspection (Drill collars, Kelly’s, subs and Stabilizers)
  • HWDP inspections (standard black light DS-1 as well as DS-1 Cat 3-5)
  • Standard sandpaper re-face 
  • Mobile Lathe Re-face (samms MRT reface technology)
  • Over Head Rig Inspections (annual rig inspections, top drive inspection including all handling tools)
  • Dye penetrant inspection (for nonmagnetic equipment)
  • Inspectors are certified API and DS-1

Mobile Lathe Repair

TWMA utilizes MRT SAMSS reface technology for field lathe repairs. TWMA believes SAMSS is the leader in Mobile Lathe Re-face technology and has become industry standard for performing field repairs on double seal proprietary connections as well as API rotary connections. This equipment generates precise machining results in the field equivalent to those you expect from the machine shop.

Hardbanding Services

TWMA offer mobile hard banding services that provide timely, cost-effective repair and maintenance for Drill Pipe and Drill Collars (steel and non-mag) without acquiring transportation costs to and from a location, this in turn will give you no lost time of equipment that's being repaired on location. We use state-of-the-art technology portable hard band equipment and our specialist technicians are certified applicators and offer all the most popular brands of casing friendly hard wire (Arnco, Armecour and Dura band ect.) and in different grades of hardness depending on the abrasiveness of the formation being drilled.

Drill Pipe & BHA Rethreading

TWMA has extensive experience in machining in the Oil and Gas Industry. With our fleet of machines, we can offer a quick turn around at standard rates. All TWMA machinists are certified and trained to follow API and DS-1 guidelines and requirements. All connections and machines are on a QA/QC program to ensure the highest level of the finished product.    

  • Repair Drill Pipe and BHA connections
  • Automated CNC equipment for machining precision parts and threading
  • All connections go through a phosphate process to maximize the integrity of the connection. (Phosphate coating provides strong adhesion and corrosion protection, and also improves the friction properties of sliding components. Some of the threaded parts are treated with phosphate coatings, which improves their anti-galling and rust inhibiting characteristics.)
  • Certification and Licensing for machining proprietary connections
  • Non-Mag Tool Joints
  • New Build subs to customer specifications (includes mtr)
  • Please Call 361.760.1101 for Prices