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Onshore mobile processing - TCC RotoTruck®

Mobile thermal treatment of drill cuttings and associated wastes at source

Delivering all the benefits of the TWMA TCC RotoMill® in a fully mobile unit designed specifically for land-based projects, the TWMA TCC RotoTruck® delivers the capacity to move between onshore fields, processing drill cuttings at source in even the most remote locations. Once on site, the compact processing unit can be mobilised at individual wells or set at a central location.

On site processing has multiple benefits, including eliminating the need for, and costs associated with, long distance transportation of materials for treatment and disposal.


Recovered water can be disposed of on location, while recovered base oil, which retains its full original quality, can be directly reintroduced to the drilling mud system, representing significant cost savings for operators.


The TCC RotoTruck’s mobility does nothing to lessen its effectiveness. With minimal warm-up and shut-down periods required and capacity to operate 24 hours per day, units have a processing capacity of up to 10 metric tonnes per hour. Units feature a computerised monitoring and control system, allowing drilling wastes to be strictly controlled, ensuring safety throughout, and can operate at any temperature to suit base oil properties. The introduction of the TCC RotoTruck® has eliminated the need to transport thousands of barrels of drill cuttings and associated wastes to landfill sites globally.

Our TCC RotoMill Heli-Lift unit has been developed specifically for remote locations serviced by helicopter lifts requiring a maximum hook lift of 10 tonnes.  For further information about this technology please contact TWMA.

Read our TCC RotoTruck® case study here.

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