What is Drilling Waste Management?

Drilling Waste Management is a series of steps and processes to provide a comprehensive fit for purpose system to manage all forms of drilling waste generated from the wellbore, rig site activities and drilling support services.

The ultimate goal of this is to reduce drilling waste at source, through recycling waste where possible, and reusing it further in both drilling and non-drilling related activities. Any non-recyclable products are then managed through a series of transfer, storage and processing systems to generate a clean by-product that is safe for disposal.

An effective drilling waste management solution follows a defined hierarchy, eliminating as much drilling waste going to landfill as possible, maximising recovery and reuse of material at source. Following this process significantly reduces our clients’ total cost of ownership. 

An effective drilling waste management strategy is defined by local environmental drivers, client requirements and physical location. TWMA considers each of these key factors to design, manufacture and install the most effective and efficient solution for the project to keep you compliant, keep costs down, and keep you turning.