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Slops treatment

Specialist treatment of oily slops and sludges

A significant volume of oil slop waste, containing a potentially hazardous mixture of oil, rainwater, chemicals and solids, is generated by the oil and gas industry.

Developed from an in-depth understanding of the complex chemistry involved, we offer specialist services for the treatment of oily slops and sludges.


Our slops and sludges treatment process produces three distinct components of recovered oil, recovered water and solids discharge.

Combining flocculation, centrifugation and settling, slops treatment separates oil from the mixture. Recovered solids are sent for additional treatment to recover any remaining oil, whilst water is safe to be discharged. Absence of high temperature treatment means recovered base oil retains its original quality and is therefore suitable for reuse.

Analytical requirements for treatment

The treatment process requires the following tests to be carried out and reported:

  • Incoming slops and sludges are retorted for percentage content of oil, water and solids
  • Produced solids discharge is analysed for oil and water content
  • Recovered oil is tested for contamination
  • Processed water is analysed for pH, COD, TOC, suspended solids and hydrocarbon content

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