Drill Cuttings Treatment and Disposal

The specialist service that ensures nothing is left to chance.

Our experts specialise in the effective handling and storage of drilling waste at source, onshore and offshore. wherever that source may be. Using best-in-class technology to ensure environmental compliance, we turn your drilling waste into value quickly and safely.



Our pioneering technology delivers the safest and most efficient way to handle and process drilling waste at source. Developed after years of specialist research, it separates drill cuttings and associated materials into oil, water and solids for recycling and reuse.


Skip and ship, supported by our transfer and containment solutions, relocates drilling waste from the rig site to TWMA’s onshore processing facility. Designed, manufactured, installed and operated by our specialist teams, it’s flexible enough to work with any set-up, with thorough process tracking to ensure legal compliance.


Safety, costs and logistics are all enhanced with our bulk transfer service, which makes it easy to move large volumes of drill cuttings to shore. Our expert engineers will work closely to design and install the optimum solution to ensure premium performance.


Our high capacity continuous-feed dryers dramatically reduce drilling waste and maximise recovery of non-aqueous drilling fluids. Whether globally or locally, our experts supply, install, manage and operate the dryer to ensure expectations are surpassed.


We deliver pressurised re-injection of drill cuttings into dedicated injection wells. No more discharge to sea and no more landfill. Instead, our specialists offer a cleaner way to handle and dispose of drilling waste.


  • Industry-leading innovation and experience
  • Developed and operated by our specialist teams
  • Cost-effective, safe and supremely efficient
  • Thorough processes ensure legal compliance

For more information about turning waste into value, please get in touch with our specialist teams.