Drilling Mud Dewatering

Maximise cost savings by treating drilling waste at source.


The dewatering system provides a combination of chemical dosing treatment and centrifuging to separate ultra-fine to colloidal sized drill solids that conventional solids control equipment simply cannot remove.

The effluent from the dewatering system can be:

  • Returned to the active mud system
  • Used for dilution and/or to mix new mud
  • Reused as dilution fluid for dewatering

Recycled in mud or dewatering:

  • Does not need a clear fluid
  • Reduces treatment costs

Discharged to environment:

  • Conform to local environmental regulations
  • May need further treatment or “polishing” (Water Treatment)
  • Additional clarification, flocculation
  • Removal of heavy metals, color, other impurities.

Key features

  • A solution that greatly reduces haul off of drilling waste (both drill cuttings and spent drilling fluid) by treatment at source
  • Recoverable by product of fresh water or brine that can be reused within the active drilling system or for further application at the rig site
  • Provides cost savings through ability to reuse or disperse on location
  • Minimises liquid waste
  • Ensures environmental compliance in areas with strict environmental regulations

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