HSEQ Policy.

TWMA Integrated HSEQ Policy.

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TWMA has established and commits to an Integrated Management System that supports the business which is constantly striving to achieve effective health and safety controls to protect our staff from harm, protect the environment from pollution and continually improve our quality processes. This is delivered through compliance with the TWMA Integrated Management System, accredited to ISO 9001 :2015 (Quality), ISO 14001:2015 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Safety) standards and legal obligations.

Integrated management system

This policy is supported by the integrated management system comprising:

  • Quality Management procedures detailing arrangements for the effective management and improvement of the processes and resources that can impact on the quality of our product, services and customer experience
  • Health and Safety procedures that identify specific risks and hazards arising in all aspects of the business's activities and which establish how risks will be minimised through for example, risk assessment and hazard control, training and providing contract specific information
  • Environmental Management procedures that identify both legislative & non-statutory requirements, identify significant environmental aspects and impacts that relate to the business's activities and establish processes to measure, control and improve resource use and thereby reduce the impact on the environment

Delivering commitments

To deliver these commitments, TWMA shall:

  • Consider and evaluate potential risks and opportunities that may affect our business and interested parties
  • Comply with applicable legal obligations, client requirements and procedures
  • Provide and maintain an appropriate healthy and safe work environment for our staff, contractors and interested parties
  • Set common standards for HSEQ & establish operational HSEQ objectives and targets which are monitored and reviewed regularly
  • Communicate openly with its stakeholders and interested parties to ensure an understanding of our HSEQ policies, standards and performance
  • Include HSEQ evaluation in relevant management decisions
  • Exchange knowledge of HSEQ with staff, customers, society and other stakeholders
  • Ensure that staff, associates and partners are competent to undertake their tasks through training, information, instruction and consultation
  • Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction at all times
  • Engage with relevant external sources about their impact on service quality, environment, health & safety

This policy is delivered through a process of continual improvement and is periodically reviewed to ensure suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. This policy is available to the public and all interested parties.